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  1. 0 I am wondering about the job scene on the Outer Banks. I am wanting to move there. Are there a lot of jobs in LTC or any others for RN's and how is the pay? Have about 3 years experience all in LTC and Assisted Living and 2 of it supervisory.
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    I've gotten a few calls from recruiters for jobs in the Carolinas. The pay scale is WAY lower than the pay in the Northeast
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    I live in the Carolina's and the LPNs here make about 17 RNs make about 22.

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    I love the outer banks! I think a paycut if it is one to you would be worth it if you got to live there! I looked up real estate there recently and there are many decently priced properties too.
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    Some of them are decently priced because you'll get blown away by a hurricane.

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