nurse was unfairly dismissed

  1. A nurse was dismissed for negligence of care. The story was, a 106 year old lady was complaining of pins and needles on the night that this nurse was on shift. She checked her, at the time there was no bruising or swelling to the arm. She then go about the shift, this resident wasnt on her floor but it was a policy that a care assistant check all residents every hour. The nurse admits that she shouldve returned and checked on the resident again but didnt. In her defense, the care assistant did not raise any concern through out the night. In the morning according to the statement, the resident was up and dressed. I dont think that if you dislocated your shoulder you wouldnt be able to raise your arm to get dress whether your 106 or not. The main question that wasnt raise was how did the resident dislocate her shoulder, it wont pop on its socket on its own will it? There was no report of falls or anything.
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  3. by   JBMmom
    Can't really give any answer without the full story, from what I've heard of LTC it's "fire first, ask questions later". You'll probably never know the real reason she was let go, hopefully it works out for the best for her in the end.

    As far as dislocations, once you've had them, you can be more prone to them, maybe it was a common occurrence for this resident and when she was getting dressed her arm moved the wrong direction.
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    There must be more to the story than this.
  5. by   amoLucia
    As CCM said, there must be more to the story than we're hearing. And I'm sure you've not been privy to all the investigative and disciplinary actions involved. But to tell you, I've had 2 spontaneous rib fractures of unknown origin. So weird things do happen.

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