New to Geriatrics

  1. I'm a new Parish Nurse that will be dealing a lot with the Elderly. I have a strong OB/Peds background and need some help with Geriatrics in terms of assessment and drug interactions. Anyone out there to give me names of books to review? Thanks! Susan
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  3. by   ikelly
    Hi Susan.
    I sent you an e mail re: psychogeriatric assessment. I hope it's helpful.
    Good Luck, Ida

  4. by   StampinRN
    Thanks Ida for your reply.
    Anyway you would be willing to copy those pages and send to me? I will $ you, of course. LMK! Thanks, Susan
  5. by   BethanyJ
    Merck's has a section that is geriatric specific and may have some useful info for you. I have found invaluable info at this site:
    Good Luck! Hope this is as helpful to you as it for me.