Chest Pain and DNR status

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    Hi All, I am a new grad, I want to know what is the general rule for DNR residents who is
    experiencing chest discomfort? The nursing policy at my place does not
    include any info on this. Do you call the health proxy if they want to reverse the code status? Thanks, I would appreciate your input on this matter.

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    DNR does not mean "do not treat." If the patient is having chest pain, you treat the chest pain.
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    Yep, you always treat pain regardless of AD status...that's actually much of the point of hospice and palliative care.
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    DNR means Do Not Resuscitate. It only only comes into play if the patient is dead. It doesn't mean do not treat symptoms.
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    You don't need to call anyone to reverse the code status, you treat the CP.. DNR does not mean "do not treat". The DNR comes into play if and when they stop breathing or their heart stops. A comfort care only pt would still receive pain meds but no other tx. It can be very difficult knowing what you can and can not do because DNR's can come with several stipulations. In my area we have a full DNR, no intubation, no cpr, no compression's and no arrhythmic drugs. Or it could be any combo of inventions I just listed but not all. Some families make there loved ones DNR with no shock, no compression's but intubation and drugs are ok..Or it could be DNR, comfort care only.

    Know your facilities DNR status and what it all means.
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    Well, if the person has chest pain it could be assumed that they have a pulse. A DNR goes into affect if the person is pulseless and/or not breathing. So in this case, you treat him/her the same as a full code. Even than, contact the MD/RP because the decision can still be made to transfer to ER or initiate CPR in a pulseless/nonbreathing resident.

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