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when to apply for Nclex exam

  1. 0 Hi everyone!! I am moving to GA after graduating from a nursing school in NC. I know that I cannot register the test online because I did not go to nursing school in GA. I feel like it will take longer for me to apply because i cannot do it online. I dont want to have to wait long just because I applied the exam late.When is the time for me to apply the nclex exam??
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    Can anyone please give me some advice on this?
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    How long did it end up taking them to process/approve your application? I'm from GA but went to nursing school out of state, so I had to send in a paper application also. I express mailed it last Monday so that it arrived Tuesday, on Wednesday they sent me a link so I could check the status of my application. Every time I check it, everything still says "pending." Except for my application fee (of course), which says completed. I'm hoping I can find out when I'm taking it soon!
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    Call GABON like a crazy person. I call them everyday for about 5 days and got my ATT. I got my ATT on June 4th. it took me about 2 weeks to get it. Took NCLEX on 06/26. my license was posted on 27th.
    Keep calling them until they give you the ATT.