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  1. 0 I have been travel nursing for the past year. I was on assignment in Knoxville when it got cancelled due to local hires and such. Anyway to make a long story short, my husband and I are now in Georgia staying with family. I am working on everything I need for my Georgia lic however, my past employer is really dragging their feet on filling out the verification of hours form. Are there any jobs that I can do with my ADN but no licensure in GA? How long does it normally take to receive GA lic after submission?
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    You'd need to contact the BON for all the info. on how long it takes, etc. Am not sure why you need verification of hours worked to get your license - I didn't but that was in 2006 when I relocated.

    As far as working as an nurse - in any capacity - without a GA license..there is no place I know of that will - if the BON will give you a temp. license some places may hire you..the only other option is the VA - as long as you have an active license somewhere they can hire - www.usajobs.gov
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    Georgia does require proof of hours for some endorsements.