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  1. 0 does anyone know anything about North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, GA?
    new grad experiences, surrounding area...etc
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    Did you apply? Me too! Are you from the area? I would love to hear people's experiences, but I think this Versant program is only about a year or two old.
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    yeah i have an interview with im from ny...
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    Anyone hear from North Fulton?
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    @newbiegal: did u get hired for the program?
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    hello?? anybody home???
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    Hi all,

    I was wondering does anyone know all the "prescreening stages" that North Fulton has. I had to take a test in the 1st stage, now I'm in the second stage and have to do an essay. Just wondering what else there could be after this. Thanks
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    I worked there when in nursing school in the late 80's -really liked it - from what I understand its still a good hospital - just bigger!
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    I currently work with someone who used to work there, she does not have good things to say about it. She did not like it there at all. I can ask her more details if you want I will probably see her tommorrow. She did not work there for very long.