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University of West GA 2013

  1. 0 Hi, I was hoping to see if there was anyone here who isapplying to UWG for 2013? I have just submitted my application. What do youthink of their new requirements?
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    I'm applying. What are the new requirements besides the fact that they aren't accepting the TEAS anymore?
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    Well, they no longer take just your hightest grades, but do an average of ALL attempts, and include ALL your core classes when looking at your GPA, not just your highest Math, science, english grades. We also have to do a writing sample in Feb. They are calling this a writting session and it is mandatory we attend. I am assuming this is an essay writting session.
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    WOW. That's scary... Considering that I have to C's... and I have taken classes over so they'll average that with the new one? Wow that really has me on edge.
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    I know, they did not even post these new things until about a month ago. Look on their web page, they have the whole list out there now. I talked to my advisor, and had her explain it to me to make sure I understood. She said they removed the TEAS because they have determained that it is not a good marker for who will do well in nursing school, and they felt that taking a higher grade from a retake class wasn't fair to the people who did not have to retake a class, so they decided to average, to level the playing field so to speak.

    If you don't mind me asking what is your GPA?
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    3.2 overall but 3.3 program. Not a huge difference lol but my gpa recently dropped because I received a C in A&P 2. My gpa isn't really competitive at all. What about you?
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    I have a 3.56 overall and there really isn't a program GPA anymore. I have to hope that that is good enough. My math and science scores are my lowest, so it is really good for me that they are counting the classes I am strongest in to help bring me up. I have all B's in my science and math classes except for A&P II where I got an A. But all of my non-sicence classes were all A's, except speech, where I got a B.
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    Well I mean to me it seems like you really don't have anything to worry about. Your GPA is great
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    My advisor said that the lowest GPA that got in last year was a 3.1 so I think that if you knock them dead with your essay, you have a good chance of getting in.
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    Yeah true... I wonder what this essay will be about! Lol... What campus did you apply to as first choice?
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    I am hoping to to get into the Carrollton campus, only because Newnan is just so far from where I live. but at this point I would take either of them. As far as the essay goes, I have been looking up topics of what other schools ask, and just trying to come up with a theme in my head of each topic so that maybe I will not freeze up and get writers block on the day of the writing session. LOL I can see myself sitting there for hours with this blank look on my face.
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    Me too! And with so much pressure I see that happening. Smh. But I pray we both get in this is my first choice so I pray they look past my C's
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    Well I know they won't look past them, lol, but see that I have more A's and B's