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Hello everyone!! Is anybody applying for the summer 2012 at West GA University? :)... Read More

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    I got an 82 the first time and got an 86 the second time. My overall gpa is 3.0, BUT that's also considering I dropped out of college 7 years ago so I've had to work extra hard to get those A's this second time around. My program gpa is probably much higher than 3.0 since I've retaken any courses I failed from my younger days. Since returning back to college, I've gotten mostly A's, took honors courses, and on the Dean's list. I'm still waiting on a couple of responses from Clayton and Kennesaw. I don't know too much about UWG that distinguishes it from the other universities besides the fact that there are summer courses and have a CNA license requirement. The distance from the hospitals where they do clinicals concerns me a little bit. Does anybody have info they might have heard from other students? I wonder what their attrition/retention rate is during the semesters.
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    Jeanne, from what I've read on previous threads, a lot of the students that are waitlisted end up getting a call back
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    Thanks Frys, I am hoping so =)

    I had been waitlisted last summer and they called back for the Newnan PT program, but I had just accepted a position overseas for the year and the PT program is not what I was looking for. But this time, I will consider it if I don't get a call for the FT program in Carrolton.

    I am glad I got the waitlist letter still, at least I was not "rejected"

    Good Luck with KSU and Clayton too. I have not heard anything about Clayton, but KSU is a great program and I have heard the instructors really care about the students and go the extra mile for the support.

    I too went to school earlier, screwed up, and am now retaking some courses to make up for it. I just wish they could "remove" the lower grade from consideration once you have replaced it with an A or B. GA Highlands and KSU both averaged my grades meaning my Anantomy Phys grade is a C even though I have a A on my last attempt =)
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    I got accepted into the Carrolton campus, but the distance is making me not want to go there. I am waiting on KSU and CSU decisions.
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    Hello guys!! I am so glad to finally join this group...
    I have been spying on several groups and getting some info on what to look out for nursing school but i never joined till NOW. I'm SOOOO excited!
    Just celebrated my bday this weekend and i checked my mailboxtoday and YES!!!! i got into the part time Newnan BSN program.
    I have a 81.2 Teas and 3.58GPA.
    My only problem is i don't know if part time is what i want. I have no kids but i would love to be able to work just not sure....
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    Part-time is a great option if you're still wanting to earn an income. Also, if you happen to be young, I would say there is no need to rush things. That way you can still have a social life and be in school at the same time
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    I'm so ready and i've been waiting for this opportunity for awhile so if it requires no social life then so be it. I just can't say the same for a J.O.B. kinda would feel horrible to have all the burdens fall on my fiancee.
    By the way, i researched some CNA schools also and the cheapest i've found is $500 and the CNA exam is about $107.
    What are you guys finding in terms of CNA price and options
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    I'm heading down to the campus on Thursday to check it out and get some input on my decision to switch to full time at Carrolton.
    Does anybody live out there? Maybe need a roommate? It's about an hour away from where i stay.
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    nicky25, that's a reasonable price for a CNA school, unless times have changed. That's actually the cheapest. That's how much mine had cost but I took mine a year ago. The CNA test is always $107.
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    thanks Karamarie91
    i was actually researching the possibility of taking the test (after taking a 4hr prep course) without the class. Is that insane?
    I looked over the things they test on in the CNA exam and it seems like i already do that. I've worked at Wellstar as a physical therapy tech, had to clean patients, take vital signs, help patients with various disabilities or injuries and roll patients to prevent bedsores. but i'm not too sure if that's ALL they would test me on. ANd what if i don't pass it, can i retake it (after taking the course) and how soon to they let you retake it the cna exam
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    When you say that you want to take the test without taking a class, that means you want to challenge the exam. I don't think you can do that here in GA because in order to register for the test your cna school has to send a certificate to the GA Health Partnership(the people who are in charge of GA CNA's). Even if your 4hr prep course does that for you, you also have to keep in mind that the exam is graded on how well you perform the steps of each skill. Like for example, you get 5 skills, and one of them will always be handwashing. But there are steps you have to do in order in order to pass that skill. How you do these skills in real life(like feeding a patient, or helping a patient ambulate) is different than how they expect you to do it in the testing environment. After you pass the test and get into the real world, you can do the skill however you see fit. In the CNA class(it's also online too i think), they should give you the official cna skills book which tells you exactly how you will be graded on whatever skill you may get. They give you each skill step by step and you can practice everyday until you just remember exactly how the test people want you do it. You're experience as a physical therapy tech is good, but those skills are only a small fraction to what you may be tested on. If you fail the test, I think you can take it 30 days later I believe. But most people pass the written part, if you fail the actual skills part it might be because you forgot a major step in that skill. But with enough practice you'll be fine. The only one that really terrifies people is taking manual blood pressure because you can only be off by a few numbers. I was terrified of taking the pulse(which is supposed to be ridiculously easy), but I didn't get that skill in my test. Best wishes.
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    JeannePCT, are you a PCT and if so, where at?
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    Hey Nicky25,

    I was also accepted into UWG's BSN program full-time in Carrolton. I am interested in finding out where they offer CNA class that is $500. Can you please tell me what location and the name of school that offer CNA for $500?