question about GA state exam application

  1. I will graduate during December. After reading the application form, I think my nursing school only needs to sign one page for me. Then I need to get an official transcript from the school and mail the application form, transcript and fee out together, am I right? I wish to take the exam right after I graduate. But today our school told us they need some time to send out a letter to every state board saying XXX is a student who has finished the program and has graduated. My question is that is that a requirement for GA state? I think the page signed by the school actually saying the same thing. Why do the school need to send a separate letter to the state board again?
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  3. by   Marshall1
    Call of Ga Board of Nursing and ask them these questions - they have information lines. I would think your application coupled with an official transcript would be all that is needed..don't know what purpose a letter from your school saying you graduated would do since your transcript would show that.