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Pre-reqs at GPC

  1. 0 Is there anyone that took A&P at GPC? I took Micro a long time ago there and I don't know if the teacher is still there. I have to take all my sciences back over since its more than 5 years sine I last took them. How were the exams and labs?bi am trying to start back this summer. Thanks in advance!
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    I have taken all of my pre-reqs at GPC, and have had good experiences all around. Let me know if you would like any recomondations on teachers.
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    Thanks metoyou! If you can inbox me some recommendations I would appreciate it
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    I have to take A&P 2 and Microbiology next. Please let me know the recommendation for Micro.Thanks!!
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    Professor Cox at the Dunwoody campus is the BEST!!! He loves what he does, and does everything to help you get an A in his class Wish he could have been my teacher for everything!
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    Metoyou what about A&P 2? Cox was for lecture and lab??