PCT job market in GA

  1. Hi ALL! Im about to take a PCT class in ATL but im worried about the job market. Is it likely to get a PCT job anywhere in Georgia. Whether it is a hospital or nursing home. How hard/easy is it to find a PCT job out here? Just relocated from NY...help anyone
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  3. by   apspct

    We are in the same boat. I have moved here from Jersey in August and I still havn't had a phone call about a job yet. I have applied every where just about, and nothing yet. Have you started or finished school yet for the PCT? Or did you find a job yet?
  4. by   Jhely06182009
    Hi! It's not as hard.You just need 1 year experience in NA. What i suggest you it's to apply as an CNA in a hospital because once you are in you can change your position for PCT. God bless you all!