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No cost CNA taining?

  1. 0 Is there any free cna training in middle GA?
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    I don't know of any places that offer CNA training anymore - you can contact the program close to you and see if they offer reduced tuition for low income. Most of the facilities I knew that offered it have stopped offering the training due to cost.
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    Good luck finding any >_<. I looked in middle GA and south GA trying to find somebody who offered it, and I couldn't find anything except nursing homes offering classes you had to pay for. From what a lot of the CNAs I know have told me, there used to be nursing homes and hospitals who'd take you in, hire you, and then train you on-the-job, but not any more. The more recent ones I know have done it by going to a tech school for CNA classes using HOPE funds or loans to pay for tuition.
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    Thanks for the reply! So did you enroll?
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    Thanks for the answer! I might try HOPE scholarship
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    I know this is a late reply, but I just happened to see yesterday that the American Red Cross offers CNA training. They have one coming up in Brunswick for one month (Tuesday-Friday, about all day) for $1250 (I believe that was the price). Check their website.