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NGSCU 1st Year Textbooks

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone had a chance to look at the textbook list that was emailed yesterday? Looks like there is a new addition of the Craven Fundamentals, wonder if we can get by with the 6th edition? The books seem pretty reasonable used, but I guess when you add them all up, it can be costly. Does anyone know what the "new" bundle box will cost. When I called the bookstore last week they didn't have that information yet. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer
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    I was told the book bundle will be $260.20 + tax. Not bad really.
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    Oh and when you call the bookstore, don't call the regular # - call Andria, or Annie...can't remember her name exactly - her name is listed as a contact on the website under the bookstore phone #.
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    Thanks! You always have the scoop!!!
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