N e body else waitlisted for fall 2012 gordon college

  1. Wats ur scores?My are 2.8gpa 70 critical thnkn 83 teas an current certified nursing assistant
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  3. by   troop949
    I'm on the waitlist at Georgia State for the accelerated BSN program. GPA of 3.68 and TEAS of 90.7. I'm going to meet with an advisor next week to discuss the details of why I was waitlisted. If I don't get in for Fall, I'll definitely re-apply for Spring 2013.
  4. by   MedicalMinded
    I meant to make the thread out to gordon college.oops.lolWow ur scores are really high! i wish u luck.
  5. by   troop949
    Ooops, my bad! Thank you, though. I hope you get in, too!

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