Mountainside Piedmont or Northside Canton

  1. I have been offered a job at Northside Canton but then Mountainside Piedmont in Jasper called me for an interview. They want me to take a long test before I even get to interview though. Mountainside would be an easier commute for me though. Does anyone have any advice about which would be better to work for? These are both med/surg positions at night. Does anyone know the nurse-patient ratio at mountainside? Thanks for any response.
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  3. by   T-Bird78
    They're both great facilities, both have the small-town feel, and both are associated with excellent healthcare systems. It's really which would be a better drive. I've had indirect dealings with both (worked a doc office in Canton, satellite office in Jasper, doc used both hospitals for his surgical services) so it's a win-win.