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Job offer need advice!

  1. 0 I'm a new grad with no experience and got a offer with a Plastic Surgeon for 19$ and no insurance! Should I counter or just take it for the experience?
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    are you still covered with your parents' insurance? i personally would take it - i'm very jealous that you've gotten a job offer somewhere!
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    I would take it in a heartbeat...however, I would probably try to negotiate for slightly better pay. What's the worst that happens if you take it? You get a little experience and make some money. You can always keep looking. A new grad with office experience is better than no experience in my opinion.
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    19$ an hr without benefits is way too low. negotiate!
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    I agree that $19 an hour is pretty low unless you are way outside of Atlanta. You could take it but I would be looking for something else while doing that.