Info on LPN program at Dalton State College

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    I was wondering if their was anyone out there who has any info on the LPN program at Dalton State College. I am thinking about attending for the LPN program but wanted to know any info about it. for example; do you like the program? what's the hours/days you meet? etc. Any info would be great. Thank you.

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    I would like info as well.
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    Hey I noticed that you have posted on several threads. Have you decided on which school to attend? And what program? I am looking into Bauder college.
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    Yeah, I'm applying there again too. I applied, was accepted, just could not begin due to financial aid stuff.
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    Oh ok cool. I'm starting in Feb 2013. Good luck
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    cool! congrats! are you starting the LPN or the RN program there?

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