Info about reentry program in ga

  1. im getting my license transfered to ga, but i read about a reentry course that need to be completed in order to get the full license if the applicant has been out of hospitals for more than 4 years. is that correct?
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  3. by   skydeath
    I think it depends on the credentials that you have. I read here a month ago that someone from new jersey also tried to endorse her license here in georgia but since her education units does not match to the georgia board of nursing requirement, she was asked to do the test again.

    Im also a foreign educated nurse and my application for georgia board of nursing took only 5-7 days before i received my ATT, the last thing that was asked from me: criminal background check (finger printing that costs 50) and my employment verification.

    You should try calling them everyday, and ask them for your specific questions. The people answering your calls are not the case officer who's analyzing your credentials so don't expect much from them.

    You can also ask directly to georgia board of nursing their recommendation for further training etc that you need to get your full license, informing them that you are new here and that you are not familiar with the schools or hospitals that provide such.. Hope this helps..

    Where do you originally came from?