I got accepted to Kennesaw BSN this Fall I got accepted to Kennesaw BSN this Fall | allnurses

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I got accepted to Kennesaw BSN this Fall

  1. 0 How wonderful to get the letter today saying that I got accepted. Congratulations to everyone else who is also accepted....So happy
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    May I ask what your GPA was? I am still waiting to hear from my school
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    Congratulations! I got my acceptance letter to my school today as well, so I know exactly how you're feeling!!!

    I've never been so excited for classes to start!
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    CONGRATS!! I got my letter a few days ago, and am still in celebration mode, lol. Enjoy your free time before you become a full-fledge nursing student!! =)
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    Moved to GA Nursing Programs forum.
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    Congrats! I got my acceptance letter from Kennesaw yesterday!