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  1. by   TygasPoohbear
    I ran across those blogs yesterday, and now that I know they can possibly come that early I'm going to be stalking the mailbox. I kind of wish I would have not stumbled upon it.
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  2. by   TygasPoohbear
    How does the point system work?
  3. by   adria10
    I am not entirely certain, but based on what I know and heard, it is basically based on what GPA you have they give you points, then depends on your TEAS score they give you more points, etc. Lets say for example for a perfect 4.0 GPA they give you 10 points, but if your GPA is lower they substract points, then lets say for a TEAS score of 100% they give you 10 points also, but if your score is lower they substract again points base on what your actual TEAS score on and so forth...they give and take based on their requirements (science GPA, withdrawals, TEAS repeated, etc)...then they would make the decision based on that point system. I believe it is more fair and more chances for students to get in even though they have repeated a course. Without a system in place, I believe they just put aside all the students that repeated classes or TEAS, even though their GPA is much higher than the ones that got accepted in the program with no repeated classes or withdrawals.
  4. by   TygasPoohbear
    That does sound better than what they are doing now. I don't understand why schools make it so hard for those of us that work really hard to get into these healthcare programs. I don't think they should have so many stipulatations with a so-called nursing shortage. It's really sad.
  5. by   watashi
    thanks, nursetobe10
  6. by   adria10
    I'm glad I could help watashi.
  7. by   AAuld
    I have a 3.5 GPA and I scored a 72 on my TEAS test. I'm hoping the fact that I made an A in both Chemistry and A&P will help my chances, as well as the fact that my highest scores on my TEAS test were in Reading Comprehension (93%) and Math (88%).
    I wish everyone good luck! I know it's kind of intense waiting to hear a definite answer on who made it in the program!
  8. by   metoyou
    Those are awesome Reading comp and math scores AAuld! I think you probably have nothing to worry about

    Hoping we all get acceptance letters soon
  9. by   AAuld
    metoyou: I hope we all do too! It could only be a few more weeks until we start getting letters!!
  10. by   blkmaleangelofmercy
    Hello Everyone,

    I am also a GPC Fall 2012 applicant. I'm hoping to make the cut but like some of you I'm not totally sure if my: 3.63 overall GPA, my 3.25 Biology GPA (no repeats or withdrawals), my last minute first and only attempt at the TEAS (71% adjusted overall score) and currently being enrolled in the last of Gen. Ed prerequisite, are enough to get into what seems to the super rarefied realm of GPC nursing school. And even though I am technically "competing" agaisnt you all, I wish Good luck to everyone and no matter what happens in this tortuous, hurdle jumping process, (admission or accepatance) never lose your desire to give comfort and care to the sick, which should be a factor if not at the center of your choice to pursue nursing. If we keep this in mind then the let down of rejection may be a little less severe because it is our destinies someway, somehow to be angels of mercy.
  11. by   watashi
    I got my acceptance letter this afternoon! Good luck to everyone else - I hope you hear soon.
  12. by   kiki69
    I got mine too! Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   dougla2q
    I got my acceptance letter today as well! Guys lets please stay in touch maybe we can try and meet? I hear its easier if you do this in a group....... Good Luck everyone!!!!!!!!!

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