GPC Fall 2011

  1. Greetings All,

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Fall semester program at GPC.
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  3. by   an2on
    They usually send letters in april...
  4. by   sreed73
    Have you all applied yet and what was the teas score.
  5. by   adorable42181
    I applied and I made an 82 on the TEAS.
  6. by   sreed73
    I made a 77
  7. by   Nurse4ever88
    I made a 72 on TEAS, also waiting for the letter
  8. by   3TimesACharm
    I made a 76.
  9. by   3TimesACharm
    I got my acceptance letter today!! Yay!
  10. by   sreed73
    From GPC you got an acceptance letter? They told me not until the last of April. Do you go to GPC now and what is your GPA?
  11. by   3TimesACharm
    Yes, my acceptance letter from Georgia Perimeter came today. I do attend GPC now. My sciences GPA is a 4.0. Overall GPC GPA is 3.97.
  12. by   heoconbubu
    I got IN. Yayyyy !!!! Congrats guys
  13. by   adorable42181
    CONGRATS heoconbubu, I am still in disbelief myself... I have been looking for uniforms, looking up books, looking for CPR classes and etc. August will be here before we know it!!!!!heartbeat:heartbeat
  14. by   heoconbubu
    thank you adorable. Congrats to you, too. Are you going to GPC?

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