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Greetings All, Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Fall semester program at GPC.... Read More

  1. by   Nurse4ever88
    I also wondered who was who at the orientation. I wasnt expecting so many ppl!!! It was full. Yeah, too many guys for sure.
  2. by   NewbieC
    Hello everyone:
    I haven't bought my stethoscope as yet and was looking for ideas on what to get. I had heard the cardiology was the best and was going to invest in one but then if we have to listen to the school's at checkoffs, then I was thinking maybe I need to get accustomed to hearing from a less expensive one (one that you don't hear as well). Any thoughts, anyone. Thanks.
  3. by   mommy2babies
    Clinical Assignments are up!!!!

    I got Rockdale Medical Center and its about an hour drive for me! Anybody else either at Rockdale or facing a long drive to clinical?
  4. by   TygasPoohbear
    Hello all, I start the program this Fall and I wanted to know if anyone could remember exactly when you all started clinicals for the Fall semester. Thank you.
  5. by   mommy2babies
    Last 2 weeks of september if I'm not mistaken
  6. by   TygasPoohbear
    Ok, thank you!!!
  7. by   watashi
    I am starting the program in fall 2012, and I have a conflict with orientation. I wonder how important it is to be there. Did anyone in your cohort miss it? Were they punished in any way or did they just need to find the information on their own and miss out on the warm-fuzzies?

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