Gordon State College Nursing Program

  1. Can anyone tell me how hard third semester is in the nursing program at Gordon State? I am about to start second semester this fall but I was curious to know how third semester compared to second semester.
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  3. by   megan9107
    Worry about making it through second semester first and if you make it through, third semester is fine. Best of luck. Ill be happy to answer any questions you have.
  4. by   bh164008
    Thank you! Second semester is rough right now. It is SO much work and I have no time to get everything done. I hope December 10 comes fast!
  5. by   bh164008
    I need to take an American literature, Western civ, and chemistry 2 so I can finish my bachelor's core by next December. Do you recommend taking the literature class along with third semester classes? The professor is super easy and it does not interfere with 2903 & 2991. Is it smart, or should I just focus on the nursing classes?
  6. by   megan9107
    If you can handle it I would get it out of the way. Third semester was not hard to me. Fourth on the other hand is a beast.