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GMC Nurse Residency

  1. 0 Any feedback about GMC's nurse residency program? Any feedback in general about the hospital? Thanks!
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    Are you referring to Gwinnett Medical?
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    I am! Sorry for being cryptic
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    I can't comment on the new grad residency as I didn't go through that but I worked there briefly (my leaving had nothing to do with the hospital) and really liked it. The orientation was thorough, everyone was very nice/helpful, nurses are treated very well and there is room for advancement and its encouraged. There is a lot of opportunity there and also at GMC Duluth plus they have the rehab facility. It is a nicotine free facility and they do test for nicotine when doing the drug screen. Not a problem for me but if you are a smoker/dipper/chewer keep that in mind.
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    I just got a job offer from the rehab for the residency! I'm exited but don't want to get stuck with rehab ..