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GCSU Spring 2014 Cohort....

  1. 0 I have been accepted to GCSU for the spring 2014 cohort. I've been searching all over this site for anything pertaining to GCSU's nursing program (i.e.-how many days a week, times, opinions, etc.). I'm soooo excited to start this journey!!!
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    Hey IDK if you still check this but I'm applying to GCSU's fall cohort and would you mind telling me your GPA, TEAs and ACT to see if I'm in good standing?
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    When I applied to GCSU nursing in 2012 I had a GPA of 3.8, average SATs and a TEAS score of 78. Not the best SAT or TEAS, but as far as I remember GCSU weighs each one the same (1/3 for teas, 1/3 for SAT, 1/3 for GPA). It is best if you go to your advisor or Mrs. Marks and ask about how you stand. Good luck!
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    Sorry, Just saw this. My GPA was 3.9, Teas 79 & ACT 25. KGrace2 was right about each item weighing 1/3 & Mrs. Marks being incredibly helpful. The program has been wonderful, the only issue I have had were in the initial communication process. Good luck!