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    Is it absolutely impossible for a new grad ADN RN to obtain a nursing job with Emory Healthcare? Does anyone have the inside scoop?

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    I think it's impossible for any new grad to get a job at Emory without going through their new grad program. I called the other day to ask if I would be considered for other RN positions as a new grad (BSN) and the recruiter said no and to check for opportunities under new grad nursing on the site.
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    I work for Emory and I will say that they, just like many other hospitals here in Atlanta, are only hiring new grads that have a BSN...kinda sucks but a lot of hospitals are starting to do that.
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    I received an email from a recruiter not too long ago telling me that because Emory is seeking magnet status, they are no longer hiring new grad ADNS. ARGH! When will this search get any easier?

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