Emory Fall 2012 RN Residency

  1. 0 Did anyone here apply? Hopefully the screening/hiring process will be underway soon!
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    Do you know if they have called anyone? I haven't heard a thing and my status online has not changed... thank you for any information!
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    have you been contacted yet? I have not. Would it be a good idea to walk into HR?
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    I got an email directly from the nurse manager that I want to be on. If you havent heard from HR by the end of June then call HR. They will be conducting interviews in July. Dont go to HR, I know its hard because I am just as anxious!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I got a spot in the program and was looking for a roommate to share an apt near EUH starting early August or later. Just reply if interested and we can chat
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    Hello mhines57,

    I have a question for you; I got interviewed a month a go and they were doing a background check. I still didn't hear anything from them. Did you already finished everything? whom should I contact?

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