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Hey everyone! This is my first post to the site so bare with me :) I'm applying to the LPN program at Columbus Tech that starts this June. I'm hoping to maybe find others out there that are applying... Read More

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    The TEAS is pretty basic, honestly.It's ALOT of science & math--& though I'm horrible in those 2 areas, I managed to do okay (71%-Proficient).There is a book out there called "Study Manual For The Test Of Essential Academics Skills (TEAS) Version V" that is made by the same ppl that came up with TEAS test.I would strongly suggest you get it to get a better idea of what kind of questions/answers they're looking for.I'm in the LPN program @ CTC now, & most of the ppl in our class made b/w the 60-90% range from what I've heard, so don't fret tooooo much about the percentage.Good luck with everything & feel free to message me if you have any questions!
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    Thank you soooo much!! I am taking up the CNA this semester and Phlebotomy this upcoming semester!! I take the TEAS on the 9th.. I have the book and the app that you mentioned!!i have been studying the science a lot!! I'm nervous but I'm rdy to get it over!! Thanks for replying!! Btw what color uniform do u guys wear?

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