Columbus state university 2013 nursing applicants

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    Hello all,
    I was looking for a thread that included pre-nursing students applying to Columbus State University this fall 2013. I am very nervous about the whole process and now that the applications deadlines have come and gone I wanted to get a network going for those who applied this semester. My stats are GPA 3.0 which I plan to improve with my spring semester grades and I didn't do to well on the Hesi a2. I got a 90 on the Reading, 89 on the Grammar, and an 80 on the Math, overall score of 86. I am dreading the wait for acceptance letters to go out (May 30 email will be sent) but thought it would be helpful to get together with others in the same boat and support each other at this turning point in our lives. Anyone else would like to share insight or anything that might be helpful is greatly appreciated.

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    did you get in?

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