Columbus Regional?

  1. Good afternoon. I am trying to get information about Columbus Regional Hospital. I am in the process of moving to Columbus, and have an interview set up for this hospital. I was hoping to get some information about the facility prior to actually showing up for the interview. Does anyone or has anyone worked there? If so what were/are your thoughts on the facility? What is the employee satisfaction level like there? Do they offer good benefits? Please tell me anything that you can think of to share from the color of scrubs they wear to what the best benefit they offer in your opinion is. I would love to get as much information as I possibly can, and no tidbit is too small. Thank you for the help!
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  3. by   Leonurse2011
    Columbus Regional is the areas trauma hospital. I completed clinical rotations there and was not impressed by staffing ratio and patient care. I chose to work at St Francis after graduation. please PM me for more info