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  1. 0 I am interviewing at Children's Healtcare of Atlanta this week. I have been a NICU nurse for 6 years now and will be making a huge change to an ER nurse (hopefully!!!!). I have heard that there is a pediatric exam before you are hired. One person I know has taken the exam. She said it was very difficult and that she failed it. She has also been a NICU nurse for a few years.

    Obvioulsy, I am now terrified to take this test. She said she was given the test on the day of her interview which leaves me 4 days to prepare. I am getting a pediatric text book from a friend tomorrow to start brushing up...I had planned to do this anyway, but now I am cramming!

    Does anyone have experience with the test? My friend took it a year ago so she is not sure if they are still doing it or if they have changed it since then.

    I appreciate any insight you can offer!
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    I will be taking the test in a few weeks. How did it go? How do you like working at Children's?

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