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  1. 0 Anyone have any recent experience working in psych in Ga? Specifically Summit Ridge or Laurel wood? Any other places to consider?
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    Will start by saying I 've not worked at either place - just been around this area a long time..Summit Ridge has a mixed reputation...Laurel Wood I did some clinicals in but that was in the early 90's - at that time it was a nice place. As far as I know it still is - never hear anything bad about it or the hospital its associated with.
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    I work at a beahvioral health facility in another part of the state that is owned by the same company that owns Summit Ridge. I have had a decent experience here, and was pleasantly surprised that their starting pay was significantly higher than most of the hospitals in the area here. I'm not sure if that goes for all of their facilities, but it's worth checking out. The company seems to take care of their employees as well.

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