Applying to NGCSU Fall 2011 ASN Program

  1. Immediately after completing my application for NGCSU's ASN program, I started scouring the internet to see if I could find any GPA's and TEAS scores of those who had been accepted to compare myself against and guesstimate my chances. I didn't find much.

    I figured I would post my grades/scores and then update when I find out if I'm accepted or not, just in case other people find themselves in the same frenzied search.

    3.9 (from a B.S. in Sociology)

    None (I know NGCSU doesn't technically have pre-reqs, but I've read in a couple of places that having A&P and other sciences completed before applying is a big plus).

    TEAS V
    Adjusted individual score: 92.7%
    Reading: 95.2%
    Math: 93.3%
    Science: 85.4%
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  3. by   arig
    Updating that I made it in!
  4. by   ashleno
    which campus?
  5. by   ashleno
    I got in too!! Forsyth campus, so happy
  6. by   arig
    Congrats! I got into the Dahlonega campus.
  7. by   falconwidow
    i got in the Forsyth Campus!!! I'm so excited!!!
  8. by   sk8inghunny
    So how is it going for everyone so far? I hope to start in the fall of 2012!

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