Applying to Georgia Health Sciences University in Athens in the future- Need advice!

  1. Hello,
    I just recently finished my first semester of college at Georgia Southern University. I made a 4.0 overall this semester, but have only had one of my science classes so far.
    I really want to attend GHSU (used to be called the Medical College of GA) my junior year for nursing school and the Athens campus is my top choice.

    -Does anyone who attends at either GHSU campus have any advice for getting in? (Such as volunteer experience, GPA, etc?)
    -Also, if you attend the Athens campus, what is it like?
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  3. by   Lolaprobs
    with a 4.0, if you do well on your TEAS, I think you should be fine... i applied for next fall and am nervous but you shouuld be fine, obviously any shawdoing or volunteering would not hurt you though
  4. by   JB13
    I volunteered at a Hospice in-patient unit. They are always looking for volunteers! You just need a little thick skin Good luck!