Applying to Emory's School of Nursing (tips needed!) Applying to Emory's School of Nursing (tips needed!) | allnurses

Applying to Emory's School of Nursing (tips needed!)

  1. 0 Hi, everyone! I'm a Pre-Nursing sophomore at Valdosta State. I'm currently applying to nursing schools right now in order to start next fall. If there are any Emory Nursing alumni, current students, and others who are applying to Emory that are out there who can give me any tips (especially on the essay and resume requirement) on what the admissions board would like to see in a candidate, I will be forever grateful! Emory is one of my dream schools, and I know their program will lead me to a successful future in nursing. Thanks everyone!
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    I did my first 2 years at VSU and went to nursing school @ Emory (BSN class of 2011). Shoot me an email @, and I will answer any questions for ya!
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    Emory recently updated their website with tips for successfully applying and what types of things they look for. It's pretty helpful!
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    KCRN2011 just sent you an email! So glad you responded to my thread!