Wound location

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    Anyone have any good resources or advice concerning describing locations on the body? I'm not even sure how to word this question lol, any help would be appreciated, I start clinicals next week

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    I guess you could use works like "medial" "lateral" "distal", etc. and then name the body part. You don't need to be incredibly scientific with it. Or you could just say "right" or "left" "upper" "lower". I've seen all of these words charted by actual nurses in actual charts.

    Good luck with clinical! It's an experience, that's for sure.
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    Simplest ways are right or left lateral, superior (top), inferior (bottom) Such as there is mild erythema with edema approximately 1.5 cm superior to the right patella.

    There is a document posted in the wound care nursing forum that I will try to attach here. It is a great resource for describing wounds and their healing.
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    Try this from the Wound Care Education Institute: http://woundconsultant.com/files/Wou..._Tips_6.07.pdf
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