Work schedule while in nursing school.

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    Hi everyone! So, I am curious as to what your work schedule is while in nursing school. I don't need full details. I am mainly curious to see what shift at work you prefer while going to nursing school. I am starting nursing school this fall and I am a person who has no choice but to work. I am just trying to get advice on what work shift such as days, afternoons, or graveyard works best with nursing school. And if you want to throw in how many hours you work that would be cool. I am planning on trying at least for 24 hours a week. I hope it's not to much. I guess I will find out. I do apologize in advance If I have duplicated a topic. I don't know my way around the site very well yet. But, I appreciate any advice you might have for me. Thanks!

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    I had to work through nursing school as well...

    Let's see. I also tried to work at least 25 hours a week. Some weeks more and others less depending on my school schedule/load.

    I worked Urgent Care as a MA so hours were pretty flexible. I worked weekends 830-5pm and usually 2-3 nights on weekdays, 5pm-9pm.

    It worked out pretty well for me as my managers were very understanding and worked with my schedule on a weekly basis. It is definitely do-able, just need great time management skills! Best of luck to you!
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    I will be working every other weekend at a university hospital in the Ortho unit.

    I also have another job as an STNA in a LTC facility where I can schedule my own days/hrs (min 2 days a month).
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    I'm working at the county ER on Sat and Sun from 12p to 12a to get at least halftime benefits.
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    First year of school, I worked at a desk job 15 hours a week prn, so whenever there was a free desk, and it worked with my school schedule I'd stop in and work a few hours. (Certainly not everyone can get such an awesome setup like I had, but I was so thankful for my job and my boss!). Second year, I worked prn as a night shift nurse tech at the hospital (7p-7a), usually 1-2 shifts a week (12-24 hours a week), and prn at my desk job still. It was a little difficult at time working overnights with school full time, but I only did that on the weekends so that made it a little bit easier. It's not easy to work during nursing school, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do! Still managed to graduate with a 3.9 gpa too.
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    That is awesome! Thank you! It gives me hope that I might actually be able to support myself through nursing school.
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    I work three 12 hour shifts a week while going to nursing school full time. I usually work overnights I think it helps that I work three days a week verses four or five. My employer allows us to do self scheduling so I usually try to schedule an overnight shift for the weekend or a day that there is a short lecture. I try to avoid scheduling myself on the night before a clinical because some days I feel like a zombie. It's not easy but I make it work and stick to a strict studying schedule that works for me.
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    I personally think that working while in school is very beneficial! It keeps everything that I have learned 'fresh'

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    I work as a CNA in a hospital doing 6pm-6am Fridays and Saturdays only.
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    Just got my RN last month having been an LVN. For the 12 months it took me to bridge, I worked doubles on Sat & Sun (32hours) at a nursing home. It was HARD (constant tiredness, sleepiness, many, many moments of self-doubt) but I made it! I am married with two kids and I'm now just getting back to a 'normal' family life. When people would ask me why I did it, I would tell me them ... "to maintain the lifestyle I am accustomed to" and that is the truth! YOU CAN DO IT-prioritize and organize your assignments during the days you are not working - and remember it is time limited, mercifully nursing school does come to an end!
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