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  1. 0 If you had to pick between the Saunders NCLEX book versus the Made Incredibly Easy book, which would you get? I will eventually buy both, but I am just wanting to buy one for now.
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    Saunders... the only Incredibly Easy books I got are... Fluids & Electrolytes, EKG & ECC, and Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Visual. I wouldn't get the NCLEX one in Incredibly Easy because it's too basic. Unless you need something really basic. Saunders NCLEX Review has many questions and rationales broken down into chapters which is really nice so you can answer questions on the topic you are having a test on.
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    I looked up saunder's and there are several books. Which ones do you recommend?
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    Quote from my4helpers
    I looked up saunder's and there are several books. Which ones do you recommend?

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX RN 5th Edition.
    Buy it new, the CD is fantastic!
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    Neither. I would go with the PREP-U NCLEX. You can buy a code. It's way better than Saunders in my opinion. My nursing school switched from Suanders to PREP-U and the results have been amazing.

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