What Type Of Words Are On The Vocabulary HESI Admission Test

  1. 0 Hello, Everyone! Again! lol

    I Need some more help, I was wondering what type of vocab is on the test? I know ALL of the Vocab in the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review.I do have Medical Terminology For Dummies But its not really that good to me so am i set since i do know all the vocab?

    God Bless!
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    Maybe you'll get some responses if you post on the Student Discussion Forum...
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    I reviewed the vocabulary section in the HESI practice book as well as the medical terminology from a course I had took and I did OK but not that well. I would suggest learning root words and suffixes to help with words not covered in the review book.
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    The words are really easy. Without studying I scored a 98%. I had taken medical terminology but it was a year prior.

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