What is the difference between a New Grad program and a Nurse resdiency program?

  1. 0 So Iv'e been trying to get a head start on the job hunt by looking into local New Grad programs to see if I could do anything now to better my chances of finding a position after graduation. Today while looking I noticed that many hospitals differentiated their New Grad program from their Nurse residency such as UCSD what is the difference?
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    Technically they are the same essentially....residency is the new catch phrase. There are some nuances as some residencies don't offer you a job when you are done.....some are requiring a fee be paid to the facility.
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    I am in an RNA program, a good friend of mine is doing a residency. I was hired into a specific unit, my job is guaranteed, I just have to do some extra classes. My friend works on every floor in the hospital for 15 weeks, then picks her favorite areas and interviews there. She may or may not have a job at the end of the 15 weeks. That's the main difference I have seen.
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