What did you learn in clinicals?!

  1. Honestly, I wish that everyday of nursing school was a clinical day. I learned a little more today, and everyone was so willing to teach, to pass off a little bit of wisdom, and my clinical instructor is pretty much amazing.

    Today I learned that an 18-20 gauge needle should be used for an IV if the person is going to need surgery. Didn't know that before, but I'm only a first semester student.

    I was also taught how to give an Intraosseous infusion! If you don't know what that is, it's where they drill into the bone to start an IV when one can't be started (or time is short) on a patient who needs medicine/fluids/etc or death is imminent. I was able to practice with the drill on the bone model. They were teaching the ER nurses and invited me in. How cool is that?!

    I'd love to hear the cool things you learned on your clinical day, because every day we should learn something!
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  3. by   melizerd
    I've never had a day where I didn't learn something new. There is always something to learn, and I think that's true no matter how long you've been a nurse too. Even if it's not a new skill, I learn something from a patient, or family, or PT/OT, etc.

    I'm graduating in December and spending my last 6 week in a preceptorship in a Burn ICU. Today I learned how to remove, bath, and dress several different kinds of burns. This is by far my favorite place I've ever been.
  4. by   i♥words
    I know! I have learned so much in such a short time. Clinical is where all of my "aha" moments happen when I'm finally able to connect all that book learnin' to actual patient care.
  5. by   Madras
    I just want to say.......

    I absolutely LOVE your attitude! It's so refreshing. For every few students that whine/complain etc about clinical, there's a student like you who grasps onto it and learns. This is where you learn best practices.

    And I'm always saying that nursing should go back to those good ole' days that our seasoned nurses talked about where you learned to be a nurse at the hospital, not in a classroom.
  6. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    I absolutely LOVE clinical! I'm on a Med-Surg floor and the time flies. I always want to get my hands on something new and challenging! I really love that everything starts to connect and looking at the bigger picture! A big thank you to all you Nurses who take time out of your day to help teach us!
  7. by   rubato
    Love clinicals. I love everything I learn, but more than that, I love the patient interaction. I like taking care of people.
  8. by   HouTx

    I hope I am lucky enough to have one of you to care for me when I need a nurse.
  9. by   RNstudent13renee
    I feel like each time I go to clinical I learn more and more about communication and how important it is, with patients and staff as well. It's so easy to misinterpret one little thing that will change a whole lot in your care/task.
  10. by   krisiepoo
    I learn something new each and every time I'm in the hospital. I always ask my nurse if she's going to do something if I can watch, if there's something that is a little different from norm if she wouldn't mind grabbing me to let me know about it. Most nurses are more than happy to help (after they see that I'm serious and am busting my butt on my pt, too)

    one of my fave things to watch, though, was inserting an IV using an ultrasound machine. the needles they used were diamond tipped and showed up on the screen. he showed us how to differentiate between the artery and vein and how to choose the best vein. He spent so much time teaching, it was so cool, all because I had made it a point to ask to see as much as I could
  11. by   missmollie
    Love it. Be sure (and feel free) to post anything new anyone learned in the clinical setting!
  12. by   poppycat
    That is awesome! I've been a nurse for over 35 years & I'm still learning.
  13. by   nurseprnRN
    OH, heavenly days, this thread has restored my faith in nursing education. Thank you all for seeking out and communicating love of learning.
  14. by   LadyFree28
    ...just WAIT until you have your AHA moments in the trenches...keep this approach once and as you go through your career; it has been worth it for me.