What are my chances of nailing a job in the NICU as a new grad??

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    Hi everyone I am curently working as a pca in a larger hosiptal in nys. I've been working on a medical rehab floor for 3 and 1/2 years and prevously I worked on a tele unit for about a year in a smaller hospital. I am a -A/ B+ and I could be graduating with honors if i would have joined the national honors society. All the nurses on my floor love me, they say I am the best pca they have and that they would love to work with me as a nurse. I guess what my real question is with my background and experience what are the chances of me being hired as a new grad in our local NICU?? I graduate in December with my RN. The nicu is my dream and i plan on continuing with my BSN then PNP Also I have been applying for mostly NICU postions since the beggining of this month in our area childrens hospital which also happens to be with within the health care system I curently work under so I do have 3+ years seniorty.

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