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Well I stayed and didn't withdraw!

  1. 1 I stayed in the Program! I am currently not withdrawing, and I am still not passing, but I believe with a lot of focus and studying I will be able to pull my grades up. I am currently only 10pts and 4 pts away from passing my classes, and I still have 3 test left to take (The one should be generally easy!) I am focusing my hardest on my next exams, so I can just gey my first semester out of the way! It has been tough, but I know I can do it!
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    That's a good attitude! Keep it up and show your instructors that even if you don't pass, you're worthy of a second crack at it. I'm in no way implying that you should consign yourself to a course repeat, but rather that you should do your absolute BEST to pass this course and move on. I wish you all the best of luck!
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    Glad to see you trying finish the semester. Will be praying for you to pass your classes. Best wishes
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    Best of luck to you...you can do it!
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    I want to tell you that there are no easy tests in nursing, be very carefull I was in a position were my grades were just right and i though that the last test was going to be "easy" and I got withdraw from the program. my advise to you is to study for every test as you will study for a final, you never know when you will need extra points to balance your grades. Good luck!!!!!!
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    And remember that the tests get harder every semester.

    Don't think that what works this semester will float you by next semester.

    People can, and do, flunk out the last semester of school. Don't be among them-- never allow yourself to fall behind at all.

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