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  1. Hi!

    I'm due to start a VA Valor program externship this summer. Problem is I also want to do another externship I've been offered. I may choose to do both.

    Anyone here done a Valor program and have advice on the feasibility of doing Valor and another externship?

    Valor program requires 400 hours over the next year (up to 800) and the other externship requires one 12-hour shift a week, on average.


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  3. by   bluechick112
    Hi, I've seen several VALOR students circulate through our system and there is absolutely no time to do any other externship while completing the required hours for VALOR. I'm starting the program in June and they're actually having me quit my other job because you really dedicate your life to VALOR. It deserves the dedication, though. It's a really great program and I can't wait to start it myself!