Thoughts on taking Microbiology in Fall with first semester Nursing courses?

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    I am hoping some of you experienced nursing students can help me make a decision. after this semester, the only thing I have left to take is my microbiology. I had planned on taking it over the summer, but since all I have left are my nursing classes, I wondered if it would be so bad to just add that to one of the classes I'll be taking fall semester, along with Clinicals. I haven't had my orientation yet for my program, that is supposed to happen in April . I am going for my ADN. In looking at the program sequence it looks like I only have 2 classes to take, that first semester, Health Deviations I and Community/Home Nursing. don't know when Clinicals will be.
    I will not be working fulltime when I start the program in the fall. I wanted to test it out and see if I could possibly get a part time job just to keep some income flowing in so it isn't as difficult a transition for my family.

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    I would suggest you take micro before the last two nursing classes...only because micro has a lab with it that requires just as much time studying and preparing for as the lecture.
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    If it is your first semester of nursing classes...that micro experience will be your best friend
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    I took micro with my first semester. It was tough. All I did was study. The second half of the semester I was about to break. Mainly because my micro teacher had us do a crazy amount of work. If you do take micro use rate my professor to make sure you don't get one that over loads you with work. I actually spent more time doing micro work because of all the lab reports.
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    Take it in the summer when all you have to worry about is micro. Nursing school will take up your time and energy. If you havent started those yet, the micro experience will be a good foundation for nursing.
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    Let me reanswer. I tell my classmates that taking micro during first semester of ns was one of my biggest scholastic mistakes. I am glad I survived both. First semester is challenging enough with out taking a science with a lab. Even if you are great at science. With clinicals and every thing else they throw at you at ns school it's a time management thing as well.
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    I didn't mind taking it with my first semester of nusing courses.
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    Honestly, I wouldn't do it. Take it before or in the summer between nursing semesters. The first semester is like boot camp and being hazed all at once. Make things as easy on yourself as possible. Eh, easy isn't the right word. Make things less difficult on yourself.......more appropriate.
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    Thanks for the thoughts! I think I will go ahead and take micro in the summer. I am hoping to quit my job early in the summer so my kids get some "summer fun" and a less structured summer that they're used to. So a micro class wouldn't be too bad.

    runsalot - I love rate my professor. However with our courses at the college, they don't post who the instructor is until about 2-3 weeks before classes then you have already registered for classes and my case have already paid. Like this current semester, I was told by another prof that was subbing for my instructor last semester that he taught APII on saturdays. So I pick the class, all set and he had RAVE reviews on rate my professor....only to find out after I was registered and all other classes locked out...that I had a different professor! I was so upset. This guy has so-so reviews and is highly unorganized!!
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    I took micro my first semester of nursing school, and I was also working 40 hours a week. It was doable for me.

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