Summer Travel - help w/ funding

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    Hello all,

    I am interested in traveling this summer but I don't have the the resource to fund a trip. Any ideas?

    I want to get creative. Are there scholarships or programs out there that would fund an undergraduate nursing student (flight and housing). I am willing to volunteer, help out with research, work with children.

    Any ideas would help! Thanks!

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    I might be old fashioned but I do not believe there are many opportunities out there for a all expense paid trip in this economy. All volunteer opportunities I have been involved in entailed me at least paying my way there.....with donations being down and budget cuts. I'm not so sure what you will find available.

    I wish you luck!
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    Yeah agree with above poster. You might need to get a job to save the money. Volunteer agencies don't fund the volunteers travel expenses. Good luck.

    You might also consider closer to home options: you local shelter, women's shelter, abuse hotline, soup kitchen, etc...

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