Summer job for nursing student

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    Anyone have any great ideas or past experience of looking for summer jobs??

    I've heard its hard to get a job at a hospital in my hometown and I'd like to move back there for the summer. So far I've considered nursing homes and summer camps that are looking for CNA's or nursing assistants, etc.

    Any have other ideas or opportunities they know of?!


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    If you're looking for a CNA job, nursing homes are always hiring. Hospitals can be very difficult especially if it is in a small area. However, when looking for jobs at hospitals, they may identify CNAs under a different title. Hospitals in my area, I have seen them referred to as floor technicians and also NCAs. You can also try to shadow at the hospital and talk to the nurses or CNAs about any hiring tips. Good luck!
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    Oh, and home-care is another option.
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    What about an agency? Im not sure how it works where you live but i can join an agency after a certain time at uni (its different agency to agency) to work in care homes? Xx

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