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    Hi, I am a student nurse in my first year; struggling immensely.
    I don't know if it's just me, but I really want this and have been very discouraged and have considered dropping out.
    I am currently failing Anatomy and Physiology - no surprise there but if I don't pass this course I cannot go onto next semester. What kind of options do I have if I fail? I need advice thank you
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    A&P is a difficult subject to grasp, i know several people who had to take it twice! I really do not think it is that unusual personally. I understand failing and not being able to move on right away may seem frustrating, but as long as you can retake it next semester I would not worry too much about it. In taking it a second time around you will understand it more. Most people I know who have had to take it a 2nd time, end up doing very well!