Starting nursing school next week! Starting nursing school next week! | allnurses

Starting nursing school next week!

  1. 2 I posted last June when I got denied from my community college's 2 year ADN program and was all bummed but determined to keep going. I decided to apply to my local state college's 4 year program and was accepted as a transfer student in November! Only took 2.5 years... lol. Figured I'll get my bachelors which I needed anyway and can stop putting up with my community college's BS. Had my orientation today, ordered scrubs, and ready to start next week! Hopefully will be around here a lot more.
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    Congrats Congrats!! Never give up!!!!
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    Congratulations! That's what I call resilience! Study hard and do awesome in clinicals!
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    Work hard and it'll fly by! Good luck.